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Community Medicine

The Hospital adheres to a single standard for assessing and meeting community need, while retaining a geographically focused approach for soliciting community participation and involvement and providing community outreach. The Department has hosted innumerable training conferences of both National and International repute. Training course on “Public Health Emergency – Disaster Preparedness & Response” from 25th to 29th October 2010 & 19th Sep to 23rd Sep, 2011, 10th Sep to 14th Sep 2012, in co-ordination with Health Protection Agency, UK is one such example.

  • It is a comprehensive discipline of Medicine, which deals with the health needs of people, both sick & well, inclusive of the problems of individual patients.
  • It encompasses Planning, Administration and Management of Health services.
  • It also includes Primary health care, Maternal & child health, Control of Communicable diseases & Non-communicable diseases, Improvement of Environment, etc
  • Reaching Out

    Field Based Activities of Department of Community Medicine include adoption of Primary Health Training Centre at Chunchunkuppe, Urban Health Centre – Agara, , Urban Health Centre – Channasandra -, Community Care Centre – Ramanagar Town, Ramnagar Dist. which is a supporting centre for HIV/ AIDS under NACO, India.

    Grama – Panchayathi Population – Adoption Programme with allotment of unique identification number for every house – hold, for provision of cashless Health Services at RRMCH Hospital & Household surveys are conducted by the Para – Medical workers of the department.

    Non-Communicable Disease Survey at Urban Slums, School Health Surveys. Anganwadi Health – Check-up, etc.

    The Department has networked with Govt. bodies, NGO’s Rotary hospitals for out-reach activities Alliances with Karnataka Health Protection Agency (KHPT), Department of Health & Family Welfare, Department of Factories & Boilers, Govt. of Karnataka & India & Health Protection Agency (HPA) UK, Birmingham, etc, which has enriched the Department in Academics .