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Central Research Lab

Advances in medicine and science come from new ideas and approaches developed through research. Central Research Laboratory (CRL) is a facility that provides centralized research infrastructure to benefit investigators in multiple disciplines across RajaRajeswari Medical College and Hospital (RRMCH). CRL is Located on the second floor of the college building and our mission is to provide a comfortable, safe and effective environment to conduct professional, high-quality research. This is achieved by providing the necessary environment, equipment and personnel to achieve research goals. CRL acts as a single point of contact for investigators to accelerate their research study and provides structured environment where researchers, undergraduates, Postgraduates and clinicians can work together on projects that are relevant and fundamentally important. Genomics Lab at CRL is useful for doing research at the advanced level as well as for diagnosis and confirmation of certain genetic disorders at the molecular level. This facility is extensively used by our staff for completing their External and Internal Research funding projects, postgraduates for completing their thesis/research projects as well as by undergraduates to complete their STS ICMR projects and for any short term research projects.

RRMCH is proud to announce that ‘Indian Council of Medical Research’ has sanctioned to the Department of Central Research Lab the Scheme…… Ad-hoc Project: “ MicroRNAs In development of Osteoclasts during Post-menopausal Osteoporosis in Indian women” under Dr.Anbazhagan Kolandaswamy, Senior Research Scientist, RRMCH for a period of one year from 28-3-2018 to 27-3-2019. And also sanctioned the budget allotment of Rs.19,29,500/- (Rupees Nineteen Lakhs Twenty Nine Thousand Five Hundred Only).