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The department of physiotherapy was established in 2003 at RajaRajeswari Medical College and Hospital to cater to the preventive, creative, therapeutic and rehabilitation needs of the rural people need was felt to impart the much needed physiotherapy vocational and rehabilitation training programme. Practical training to students is imparted at state of the art physiotherapy and rehabilitation center where a student gets hands on training under the expert faculty of multidisciplinary tertiary care Hospital. Students expand their horizons of therapeutic and rehabilitative concepts through involvement in community based rehabilitation programs and their “outreach” activities.

Physiotherapy labs are well equipped, sophisticated and modern equipment have been installed which are calibrated periodically.

Our faculty has Teaching staffs of 1 Professor, 4 Associate Professors and 4 Assistant Professors and one Tutor. Non teaching staff includes 1 Clerk, 1 Librarian, and 4 Attenders. Our campus includes One separate Boys hostel and one separate girls hostel and one hostel for Interns.

The Institution plans and organizes the teaching /learning process by framing academic calendar at the beginning of the Academic year. All staffs submit their lesson plans. We also have out-patient and in-patient teaching, which includes community teaching. The course objectives are clearly stated and ensured by principal-staff meeting at regular intervals. The curriculum is completed in the stipulated time frame. The students are made to participate in Seminars, Workshops and Conferences. We have OHP, LCD Projectors, E-Learning and Wi fi.

Faculty of Physiotherapy conducts staff training program to update the curricular requirements.. All are trained in special techniques. 3 visiting faculties are there to handle specific subjects. Staffs are academically recharged and rejuvenated by participating in Workshops, Seminars and Conferences at the National level.

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