Recognized by National Medical Commission (NMC) & Govt. of India and constituent college of Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute


General Medicine


Department of General Medicine caters the needs of Undergraduate, Postgraduate students and provides round the clock patient related services. On the education front the dedicated faculty in the department are actively involved in providing need based learning and good clinical skill development of both Undergraduate & Postgraduates students. Clinical Research is given top priority. The faculties are involved in clinical research and guiding the undergraduate and Post Graduate students in various research activities. On the patient front the department provides outpatient services, round the clock emergency services, services and regular inpatient services.

Why Choose Us?

The Department of General Medicine at RRMCH comprises of a group of
Faculty members with a keen interest in education service & research.
The curriculum for post graduate training in General Medicine is as per
the RGUHS Guidelines PG students in the department are trained in
terms of developing proper clinical skills in recognition & management
of various medical problems with due emphasis on proper utilization of
various state of the art investigation tools available in the institute.
Ethical approach to patient care is emphasized without causing
diagnostic pain to the patients. PG students are also trained in the field
of Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology
& Endocrinology. Research is given top priority right from the beginning
and the PG students are encouraged to take up research projects &
present research papers in various state & national level conferences.
The goal is to provide knowledge clinical skills & confidence in the
management of Medical problems.


The Department of General Medicine at RRMCH since inception in 2005 is one of the largest departments offering state of the art medical services to the patients.

The department comprises of a team of dedicated faculty comprising of Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Senior & Junior Residents who provide the following medical services.

Out Patient Services: From 9 AM to 4 PM on week days and 9 AM to 1 PM on Sundays and general holidays. Quality medical care is provided on outpatient basis by a team of doctors.

Specialty clinics: Provide chronic care and need based assistance for chronic medical diseases like hypertension, diabetes mellitus, Ischemic heart disease, Stroke, epilepsy and chronic liver disease.


Inpatient Services: Presently a total of two hundred and forty beds are available for the care of sick patients. The 240 beds are under eight medical units, each unit has thirty beds. The sick patients in the medical general wards receive round the clock medical and nursing care.

In addition patients receive health education, counseling services and dietician services.

Intensive Care Services: The Medical intensive care unit is fully equipped with all the emergence care facilities. The MICU provides round the clock services for the critically ill patients who are taken care of by a team of physicians and anesthetists.

Health Camps: The camps are conducted regularly, both rural & urban. Team of doctors from the department take active participation in the health camps by providing medical services (diagnosis and treatment) in the community setting. Post covid health camps are being conducted regularly to provide proper health assistance to patients with post covid complications.




  • Presented paper on Echocardiographic Evaluation of Diabetic Diastolic dysfunction asymptomatic Type 2 DM patients paper won the 1st prize at
    ( RSSDI conference held on 28th & 29th Aug 2010 at Belgaum)- Dr.Mamatha Patil
  • Presented paper on COPD – Dr.Ajith Kumar at APICON National Conference.
    (Best Paper Award).
  • Fellow ship awarded by IMSA (International Medical Sciences Academy) on 2011
    Dr.Mamatha B Patil
  • Fellow ship awarded by IMSA (International Medical Sciences Academy) on 2014



Paper Presentation


  • MBBS – The Rajiv Gandhi University curriculum for undergraduate studies is followed
  • MD – Gen Medicine – The Rajiv Gandhi University curriculum for undergraduate studies is followed.


  • Dr. Krishna M.V.

    Professor & HOD
  • Dr. Mamatha B. Patil

  • Dr. Vijay M. Benglorkar

  • Dr. H.K.Govindaiah

  • Dr. Rekha N.H.

  • Dr. Shaik Karishma

    Senior Resident
  • Dr. K.G. Prakash

  • Dr. Pooja Shashidharan

    Professor,Dean of Faculty affairs
  • Dr.Mohan K Nagaraja Rao

  • Dr. Prashanth Rai B.

  • Dr. Ramesh S. Hiremath

    Associate Professor
  • Dr. Vikas B.R.

    Asst. Professor
  • Dr Shreyas Kumar V

    Assoc. Professor
  • Dr.Arun Kumar

    Asst. Professor
  • Dr Prassanna Hegde P

    Asst. Professor
  • Dr. N. Tejaswini

    Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Deepika T

    Assistant Professor
  • Dr.Raghav G.N

    Assistant Professor
  • Dr.Priyadarshini R

    Asst. Profesor
  • Dr Shwetha M. S.

    Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Syed Sadiq Ameen

    Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Priyadarshini R

    Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Hrishikesh S

    Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Shreyas G Ramachandra

    Assistant Professor
  • Dr Anugraha Durairaj

    Assistant Professor
  • Dr Padma Deepika. M

    Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Ankitha Teja Narayan

    Assistant Professor
  • Dr Balaji. V

    Asst. Professor
  • Dr. Pooja H.S

    Sr. Resident
  • Dr.Harshitha R.

    Sr Resident
  • Dr. Rahul Kulkarini

    Sr. Resident
  • Dr. Shwetha M. K

    Sr. Resident
  • Dr. Bharat R. Kumar

    Sr. Resident
  • Dr. Chetan. V

    Sr. Resident
  • Dr. Akshatha K Gowda

    Sr. Resident
  • Dr. Sinchana S

    Sr. Resident
  • Dr. Chimata Nikhila

    Sr. Resident
  • Dr. Manoj Muthalik

    Sr. Resident
  • Dr. Rashmi S

    Sr. Resident
  • Dr. Siddanth Doddamane

    Sr. Resident
  • Dr. Monisha S

    Sr. Resident
  • Dr. Chekuri SNVS Ravi Verma

    Jr. Resident
  • Dr. Amish Agarwal

    Jr. Resident
  • Dr. Y.V. Shree

    Jr. Resident
  • Dr. Sri Sai Charan Kangala

    Jr. Resident
  • Dr. Dhruthi G

    Jr. Resident
  • Dr. Jaswanth Gowda S

    Jr. Resident
  • Dr. Patel Jay Dineshbhai

    Jr. Resident
  • Dr Rahul P Kulkarni

    Senior Resident
  • Dr Prithvi Raj B H

    Senior Resident
  • Dr. Pooja H S

    Senior Resident
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