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The department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has been providing comprehensive health care for women. We provide regular clinical services in Obstetrics like antenatal care, labor management, postpartum Care. We also provide specialized care in high risk pregnancies like P.I.H, Eclampsia, GDM, Multiple gestations, BOH. With the backup of NICU, we are able to salvage preterm babies of 30 weeks on wards. Highly qualified doctors, with the help of well equipped labor ward, conduct normal and caesarian deliveries. State of the art fetal monitoring and advanced laparoscopic equipment enable the department to undertake treatments of congenital anomalies. The department has also successfully handles cases of preterm babies weighing less than 1000 gms. This Department does regular consulting for cancer screening, family planning and infertility. It is also planning to set up an IVF centre shortly.

Apart from regular clinical services in Gynecology we provide specialized clinics for cancer detection and Management. We have made available to the patients new diagnosis and Therapeutic Techniques. Department has state- of -the- art facilities like ultrasound and Doppler, Antenatal ultrasound for detection and monitoring pregnancy, fetal growth and development. The department also has the facilities to handle high risk pregnancies.

The center also offers advanced diagnostic and operative laparoscopy facilities. We have a colposcopy unit for early detection of cervical cancer and cryocautery unit for management of the cervical erosion.

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Following medical facilities related to OBG are available from our department:

1) Obstetric Antenatal clinic

  1. Low risk pregnancy care
  2. High risk pregnancy care
  3. Prenatal screening and diagnosis
  4. - Triple marker - Genetic Counselling - Level III ultrasound scans
  5. Antepartum surveillance by USG & NST
  6. 2) Intrapartum care:

    1. Intensive intrapartum monitoring and one to one care
    2. CTG
    3. Other fetal well being tests

    3) Gynecology:

    1. USG - both TAS & TVS
    2. USG guided procedure
    3. Colposcopy and other screening method for Gynec cancer

    4) Endoscope Procedure:

    1. Laparoscopy - Diagnostic 85 operative (Hysteroscopy - Diagnostic 8s operative)
    2. LAVH
    3. Ovarian cystectomy
    4. Laproscopic ectopic removal
    5. 5) Infertility:

      1. Hormone Assay laboratory
      2. Laparoscopic and hysteroscopy procedure for diagnosis and management of infertility like PCOD drilling, adhesiolysis, Septal resection 85 polypectomy.
      3. Ovulation induction with USG monitoring IUI





List of academic, research, best papers awards received/national/international
Fellowship, best papers

  • Dr. Nagarathnamma: Fellow of International Medical Scientists’ Association: 2013
  • Dr. Rupakala.B M: Fellow of International Medical Scientists’ Association: 2013
  • Dr. Nagendra Prasad : Award of Excellance by Shrushti Global Medicare and Research Foundation
  • Dr.Nirmala.C: Fellowship in gynaec oncology at Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute
  • Dr. Chandana.M.P: Special prize for paper presentation at KSOGA 2009, Bangalore; Paper presentation on One step method for screening and diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Gnanavarsha 2011: Free Paper presentation on Epidermolysis Bullosa- II Prize by Dr. Vishma Shettty
  • Gnanavarsha 2012: Young talent Promotion: A Case of Rupture of Bicornuate Uterus -I Prize by Dr. Vishma Shettty
  • Dr. Uma Rani: I prize at BSOG Student delegate participation programme for presentation on Role of Heparin in RPL



Paper Presentation

Paper Presentation of post graduates

  • Dr. Uma Rani. M
    Rare post parpum complication after mitral valve replacement – A case report.
  • Dr. Sirisha.
    A case report of carcinoma cervix with pelvic tuber culosis.
  • Paper presentation by staff in conferences

    • Dr. Nagarathnamma.
      • Placentalmigration in placenta previa.
      • Puerperal psychosis.
      • Sutures in gynaecology.
      • Progesterone Only Pills as Contraception.
      • HIV in pregnancy.
      • A Carcinoma Cervix – Awarness programme.
      • Menopause Awareness programme.
    • Dr. Sailakshmi.
      • Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy.
      • Gestational Diabetes.
    • Dr. Rupakala.
      • Fertility conserving surgeries.
    • Dr. Nirmala.
      • Borderline overian tumours.
      • Placental blood drainage in the management of 3rd stage of labour.
    • Dr. Rekha.
      • A study of pelvic and para aortic lymphadenectomy in surgically staged endometrioid carcinoma of endometrium.


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  • Dr. M.P. A Sailakshmi

    Professor & HOD
  • Dr. R. Nagarathnamma

  • Dr. B.M. Rupakala

    Professor & Unit Chief
  • Dr. Sarojamma C

  • Dr. Rashmi A.G.

  • Dr. Vishma H. Shetty

    Professor, Dean of E-Learning
  • Dr. Pavana Ganga A

    Professor, Dean of Genomics & Cytogenetics
  • Dr. Manorama ET

  • Dr. Shreya M.S.

  • Dr. Geetashree H.C.

    Associate Professor
  • Dr. Preethi. Y

    Associate Professor
  • Dr. Shubhashri N.S.

    Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Akshitha K

    Assistant professor
  • Dr. Dharini S

    Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Ganga A. Mudhol

    Assistant Professor
  • Dr.Monica Hegde

    Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Swetha N

    Senior Resident
  • Dr. Deepthi K

    Senior Resident
  • Dr .Divyashree S

    Senior Resident
  • Dr. Annapurma B.S

    Senior Resident
  • Dr Bhavana R Naik

    Senior Resident
  • Dr Rayudu Kanthi Priya

    Senior Resident
  • Dr.Arushi Agarwal

    Junior Resident
  • Dr. Riya Deb

    Junior Resident
  • Dr. Sanjana K.S

    Junior Resident
  • Dr. Shifana Shahani Raisery

    Junior Resident
  • Dr. Digumurti Swyra

    Junior Resident
  • Dr. Deepashankari B

    Junior Resident
  • Dr. Sakshi Khetan

    Junior Resident
  • Dr. Tejaswini H.K

    Junior Resident
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