Recognised by Medical Council Of India & Govt. Of India and constituent college of Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute




ONLY Orthopaedic department in the Karnataka state to get ICMR project

  • Excellent and Dedicated Faculty
  • Post-graduate students committed to learning
  • State of the art Equipments
  • Fully equipped Central Research Laboratory
  • Keeping abreast with recent trends and new procedures and implementing the same.
  • UG (MBBS) Annual intake-150
  • PG (MS- Orthopaedics) Annual intake-02

The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery aims to provides a comprehensive and integrated Program for patients, Orthopaedic students, Residents, and Fellows.

Why Choose Us?

The departments of Orthopaedics Surgery provide state of the art treatment in all fields of Orthopaedic surgery including Trauma and Accident surgery, Spine Surgery, joint replacement, Pediatric Orthopaedics and Arthroscopy. The department is headed by Prof. Rajagopalan.N with a spirited communated and team of senior and Associates consultants providing expert surgical care. The department has been recognized for Post- graduate training in MS Orthopaedics by MCI. Being a busy clinical department, the department is also striving to achieve academic excellence in the field of Orthopaedics.

  • To develop a comprehensive and integrated program for patients.
  • Excellence in patients care, Excellence in research.
  • Excellence in Education. Provide good health care service.
  • Is the overall goal of department of orthopedics RRMCH.


  • Stabilization of long bone fractures
  • Arthroscopic surgery
  • Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Correction of Spinal Deformities
  • Stabilization of Spinal Injuries
  • Reconstructive surgeries of Limb Deformities
  • Ilizarov Ring Fixation
  • Correction of Paediatric deformities
  • Resection of Bone tumors
  • Spine Clinic
  • Arthritis Clinic
  • Micro surgery
  • Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery

5 rooms for examination of patients: Dressing room, Plaster cutting room, Seminar room, Minot OT, Seminar hall with LCD projector, Computers.

Bed strength: Male-60, Female-30, Causality-5, OT one table on five days a week, Recovery Room-3, ICU-3.

Every month - camps in neighboring villages.
Regular mega camps with free medicine and surgery.



  • Dr. Rajagopalan.N, Professor and HOD was awarded Life Time Achievement Award in Orthopedics, by Calicut Orthopedic Society.
  • Dr. Rajagopalan.N, Professor and HOD was awarded the NAILSCON 2012 Excellency Award by Udaipur Orthopedic Society.
  • Dr. Rajagopalan.N, Professor and HOD is a Visiting Professor, St. John’s Research Institute, Bangalore and Visiting Professor, Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai, INDIA.
  • Dr. Rajagopalan.N, Professor and HOD is President, Computer Assisted Orthopedic Surgery- India
  • Dr. Rajagopalan.N, Professor and HOD, delivered prestigious Prof. Sudhakar Shetty Memorial Oration in the Annual Conference of Orthopaedic Association of South Indian States at Pondicherry on August 25, 2013.
  • Dr.Shivakumar Kerakkanavar, Senior Resident - Doctor Ratna award Pune


PG. Curriculum - M.S. Orthopaedics The infrastructure and faculty will be as per MCI Guidelines
The goal of MS course in Orthopaedics is to produce a competent orthopaedic surgeon who is:

  • Aware of the current concepts in quality care in Orthopaedics and musculoskeletal trauma and also of diagnosis, therapeutic, medical and surgical management of orthopaedic problems.
  • Able to offer initial primary management of acute orthopaedic and trauma emergencies.
  • Aware of the limitations and refer readily to major centers for more qualified care of cases which warrant such referral.
  • Aware of research methodology and be able to conduct research and publish the work done.
  • Able to effectively communicate with patients, their family members, people and professional colleagues.
  • Able to exercise empathy and a caring attitude and maintain high ethical standards.
  • Able to continue taking keen interest in continuing education irrespective of whether he / she is in teaching institution or in clinical practice.
  • Dynamic, available at all times and proactive in the management of trauma victims and orthopaedic emergencies.


  • Dr. B.N. Roshan Kumar

    Professor & HOD
  • Dr. I. Suresh

  • Dr. K.M. Gopinath

  • Dr. Raghavendra S

  • Dr. Shingati Muhammed Hashim

  • Dr. Kalyanasundaram Siva Prasad

  • Dr. Mahesh Kumar N.B

    Associate Professor
  • Dr. Pramod Kumar M.

    Associate Professor
  • Dr. Khalid Fiyaz

    Asst. Professor
  • Dr. Suhas D.

    Assistant Professor
  • Dr Prasanna T. Y

    Asst. Professor
  • S.Balasubramanian

    Asst. Professor
  • Dr. Sandeep K. M.

    Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Vidya Sagar B.

    Asst. Professor
  • Dr.Bharath S

    Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Vinay.H.P

    Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Ranjith Nellore Mahesh

  • Dr. Venkatesh K.

    Sr. Resident
  • Dr Lohith. N

    Sr. Resident
  • Dr. Sanjana Nanda Kumar

    Sr. Resident
  • Dr. Kata Manoj Kumar

    Sr. Resident
  • Dr. Rohan

    Sr. Resident
  • Dr. Anirudh Madhav

    Jr. Resident
  • Dr, Chintapappli Surya Sri Karun

    Jr. Resident
  • Dr. Rohan Vishwanath

    Jr. Resident
  • Dr.Ayush Bhatnagar

    Jr. Resident
  • Dr.Deepak Vargheese Kurian

    Jr. Resident
  • Dr. Shiva Shankaran G.B

    Jr. Resident
  • Dr. Ashwin Annamalai RA

    Jr. Resident
  • Dr. Abishali Jayaram

    Jr. Resident
  • Dr. Aishwarya G. Nair

    Jr. Resident
  • Dr. Yashitva Prabhash

    Jr. Resident
  • Dr. Rachana Patil

    Jr. Resident
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