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Upcoming Event

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ADSCON-2016: Day care live surgery conference

The Department of Orthopedics is conducting a CME/Workshop on 29th and 30th of April 2016. Topic – ADSCON-2016, Day care live surgery conference.

ADSCON 2016 held on April 29th & 30th 2016 by the department of Orthopaedics.

This is the era of quick life – everything is fast. Everywhere there are quick solutions. Short turnaround time is the key in any service these days. When it comes to healthcare also, people want quick fix every time. Well, there’s nothing wrong in them expecting like that, though there are many conditions that require sufficiently long time for treatment, yet there are equally significant conditions which can be offered a quick fix. Or let me put it this way-there is many conditions which can be offered day care treatment. We surgeons have to think little differently. Since we’re lacking the appropriate training and exposure in this aspect, we’re not having a vision to convert our cases into day care cases.

This is what “The Day Care Surgery” is all about the recently emerging concept.

By adopting appropriate changes in the way we treat ailments, and use of modern equipments, we can drastically reduce the treatment time. Thus by enabling us to discharge the patient as early as, compared to lengthy stays by conventional type of treatments.

Various groups exist around the globe concerning day surgery concept. The British association of day surgery, The Australian day surgery association, The day care surgery association of America etc

In India an association was started for popularising the day surgery concept, by our beloved Dr.Naresh Row and others in Mumbai which they called it “Indian Association of Day Surgery” way back in 2003.

There’s a rapid increase in number of day care surgeons joining this association year on year. There’s also a journal which is published. This association is affiliated to the international association for day surgery.

We’re very privileged to conduct the 8th Annual conference of the Indian Association of Day Surgery at our institute. The Scientific sessions were meticulously worked out with a mix of topics related to day care surgeries encompassing all specialities. The faculty chosen were from all over the world and were uttermost learned and experienced in the field of Ambulatory surgeries.

International faculty included Dr.Ian Jackson, Dr.Gammal mohammed, Dr.Tomo shige, Dr.Galkin and others.

National faculty included Dr.Naresh Row, Dr.Nishakushkani, Dr.Nandakishore, Dr.Kishore adyanthaya, Dr.N.G.Menon, Dr.Rustum Ginwalla.

There were around 218 delegates attending this 2 day conference. Live laparoscopic surgical demonstration workshops were held. A separate session for nurses was also conducted. Panel discussions on day care surgery were much appreciated by the audience. A talk pertaining to legal implications about day surgery in India was delivered by the noted legal expert Dr. Joga Rao. There was active participation from the audience in the form of interactions with both local and international faculty.

Overall ADSCON 2016 was a great platform where lot of knowledge was shared and experiences exchanged. Overall the delegates expressed utmost satisfaction about ADSCON.

Thank you.