Group Report for Extension Activity

Group Report for Extension Activity conducted on 23/07/2022

(Skit & collage on Diabetes mellitus, Thyroid disorders and Alcohol abuse)

Diabetes Mellitus Thyroid Disorders Alcohol abuse

1. Roll numbers in group

Roll No.

Candidate Name


Aditi Prabhakar


Adityan Sivakumar


Anusha A


Gowri M Suresh


Hitha N Bhushan


Keki R Tallur


Neha Rakesh Nair


Rohan Jitendra


Shreya V Murthy


Shruthi Ananth


Simrita Palivela


Sona B


Thanvi V

2. Roll numbers in group

Roll No.

Candidate Name


Anees Fathima


Deesha Prasad


Kavya S


Neha Gangadhar Patil


Rohanraj Naidu M L


Saira Habeeb


Sneha C


Varshini N


Veena Jena


Vinitha R


Yuktha Damodaran


Zeba Tamkeen

3. Roll numbers in group

Roll No.

Candidate Name


Aamish Mazhari


Anusha H M


Chandan N


Gayatri Gangireddy


Gowri G Nair


Mithali R Khabiya


Mithun D


Parvathi T


Prathyusha B R


Sanskriti Saha


Shri Gouri


Tanushree M

1. Activity:Field visit (skit & collage) for raising awareness on
a. Diabetes Mellitus
b. Thyroid Disorders
c. Alcohol abuse
2. Site: Kengeri Government PU College
3. Staff: Dr.Priyadarshini K S & Dr.Reena R
4. Awareness given: We formed three groups for the above topic each further, each group was divided into two one group to put up a play and another to make a poster on the same.

I. We sensitized PU students, about these 3 non-communicable diseases, which are the most prevalent in recent times.

II. Even though they are not studying medicine, everyone should have basic knowledge of these common ailments

Diabetes Mellitus

1. The play was an interactive way to keep the students engaged while conveying the message at the same time
2. Raised awareness on the types of diabetes type I & type II and imparted knowledge about the less known types
3. Cleared myths about Diabetes Mellitus, like it can occur only in elderly persons
4. Showed symptoms, consequences & treatments for the same
5. Instructed to stop the spreading of misinformation, the evil of self-diagnosis and the need to consult a certified doctor
6. Explained the biochemical basis of sugar disease in their local language for the better understanding of the dangers of this disease.
7. Tried to convey the same an informative & attractive poster

Thyroid Disorders
1. The skit was about thyroid disorders
2. The motive was to create awareness about the 2 types of disorders related to thyroid- hypothyroidism & hyperthyroidism
3. The skit started off with hypothyroidism where the symptoms, consequences & treatment was explained clearly
4. Causes which include consumption of packaged food & unhealthy lifestyle was portrayed in the play.
5. Same treatment was given to the other disorders – hypothyroidism
6. The main intension of the play being to spread knowledge about the thyroid disorders with the aim of reaching as many people as possible
7. Collage which was based on the same was explained with the help of pictures and information

Alcohol Abuse
1. The roleplay mainly focused on keeping the crowd’s attention and at the same time enlighten them with the ill effects of alcohol
2. It basically focused on enhancing the key features patients generally present to the OPD
3. The clinical features including withdrawal symptoms effect in social well bring peer pressure & depression
4. The working pattern of both a general physician & psychiatrist was portrayed

Response by the students

Overall the crowd was very enthusiastic and welcoming
They were curious to imbibe the knowledge being shared with them
Some students and even parents present came up to us to convey their happiness about the plays and collages
Even the college staff was very appreciative of our efforts.

What we learnt?
1. Diabetes mellitus & its symptoms
2. Alcohol abuse & its symptoms
3. Thyroid disorders & its symptoms
4. How to interact with & engage a group of people and put our points across to them
5. We learnt essential communication skills which we would require as future medical graduates
6. Hopefully we raised awareness about these prevalent disorders and at the same time played our small part in inspiring some of the students to take up this profession.


Breast Feeding Health Education Camp

A health education program was conducted to observe “World Breast feeding Week” at Chunchanakuppe RHTC on 3rd August 2022. The topic for health education was “Step Up for Breast feeding: Educate and Support” which is the theme for this year also. Beneficiaries included antenatal and postnatal mothers residing in Chunchanakuppe. The program was conducted by Dept.of Community Medicine in association with Dept. of Pediatrics, RRMCH. The event was organized by Dr. Vidusha K (Associate Professor, Dept. of Community Medicine), Dr. Naveen Kumar P (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Community Medicine), Dr. Manasa A R (Assistant Professor cum I/C, Chunchanakuppe, Dept. of Community Medicine), Mrs. Annapurna (MSW, Dept. of Community Medicine) and Chunchanakuppe staff.

• The Programme started at 11:00 am with lamp lighting ceremony.
• A total of 52 beneficiaries participated.
• Dr Shashikala M (Professor and HOD, Dept of Community Medicine) gave the welcome address.
• The programme was presided over by Dr. Adarsh (Professor & HOD, Dept of Paediatrics), Dr. A C Shyam(Professor, Dept of Community Medicine), Dr. Sahana (Professor, Dept of Paediatrics) and Dr. Vidusha K (Associate Professor, Dept. of Community Medicine).
• Health education on importance and benefits of breastfeeding was explained by third year BSc.nursing students with the help of posters. Explanation of techniques of breastfeeding,clarification of all the myths on Breastfeeding and the importance of feeding during Covid and taking vaccination was done by DHI students.
• The Health Education session concluded successfully by 1pm followed by refreshments.
• Covid appropriate behavior was followed.

Refreshments and transport arrangement were made by RajaRajeswari Medical College and Hospital.


Breast feeding Week 2022

The department of Pediatrics is celebrating the ” Breast feeding Week” on

Date : 1st Aug, 2022 and 2nd Aug, 2022
Time : 9:30 am to 1:00 pm
Venue : Kadamba Hall (College Auditorium)


To encourage breast feeding and to promote good breast feeding practices, every year we celebrate world breast feeding week from august 1st to august 7th.

This year with the theme being “ STEP UP FOR BREAST FEEDING – EDUCATE AND SUPPORT ” the world breast feeding is celebrated from august 1st to august 7th focusing on the need for educating, protecting and promoting good breast feeding practices prioritizing the responsibility of the family and society in supporting breast feeding.

In our RRMCH, we the department of pediatrics has been celebrating world breast feeding week from the past 17 years. Continuing the good efforts towards bringing awareness about breast feeding, this year also we have celebrated world breast feeding week successfully from august 1st till august 10th and as a part of celebration, each day we had organized various events to promote, protect, educate and support breast feeding.

The programme had started with inauguration on 1st August, by our Medical Superintendent Dr. Praveen and by our beloved HOD of pediatrics Dr. Adarsh at Kadamba college auditorium with the other department doctors gracing the occasion. The inauguration was followed by an excellent informative talk about the need and necessity of breast feeding by our HOD Dr. Adarsh. There was a poster presentation competition involving the post graduate students, nursing students and interns that were held to bring out the innovative thoughts and ideas in bringing awareness about breast feeding through their handmade posters.

On 2nd August, we had organized a quiz programme at kadamba college auditorium, involving the post graduate students from pediatrics, Obstetrics and gynecology, community medicine departments and interns, with a great number audience including the clinical and non-clinical hospital staff and students from various departments.

The programme was successfully conducted by Dr. Sowjanya.

On 3rd August, we in association with department of community medicine have arranged an awareness programme at chunchunakuppe health centre, where many public including pregnant and lactating mothers with their children and village heads had attended the programme. RRMCH and RRNC students had done Mock acts with poster presentation to make the audience aware of breast feeding. Dr. Adrash E, Prof & HOD of pediatrics, Dr. Shashikala, Professor & HOD of community medicine and professor Dr. Sham had graced the occasion.

On 4th August, all the staff and postgraduate students had performed a flash mob at the hospital lobby, to create awareness about the breastfeeding importance which was followed by a talk by our HOD of pediatrics Dr. Adarsh about the advantages of breast feeding. Later postnatal ward mothers were educated about the good breast feeding practices by Dr. Nagarathnamma, Professor of Obs & Gynec, and by our HOD of pediatrics Dr. Adarsh. Lot of queries have been addressed and the role of community in successful breast feeding has been emphasized.

On 5th August, Undergraduate teaching programme was conducted regarding best breast feeding practices, advantages ,myths and misconceptions about breast feeding and role of doctors and paramedical staff in addressing the problems related to breast feeding.

On 6th August, one day IYCF sensitization workshop was organized at Kadamba college auditorium for the medical and nursing students, with more than 100 participants. The inauguration was graced by Dean Dr. Sathyamurthy, Medical Superintendent Dr. Praveen, TV celebrities Mrs. Sujata Akshay and Mr. Abhinash Bharadwaj.

In the forenoon, Dr. C. Banapurmath Senior Professor, chairperson of IYCF chapter of IAP, had delivered an excellent talk about “Assessing and observing breastfeeding. “Following this, Dr. Pusphpalatha (Additional director, SIHFW, Department of health and family welfare ) had spoke about “Physiology of effective breast milk transfer and Lactogenesis”. Dr. Dinakar More, President IYCF chapter, Karnataka had addressed the forum about “Building confidence for successful breast feeding among the mothers”. Dr. Mallikarjuna H. B, National Vice- President of IYCF chapter 2022-2023, had addressed the forum about the “Common problems and their solutions during breast feeding”. Dr. Adarsh E, Joint secretary IYCF and EC member IAP, Professor and HOD of pediatrics had addressed the forum about the “Myths and Misconceptions about breast feeding”.

In the afternoon 3 work stations were arranged, and all the participants were trained about “Various breast feeding positions” by Smt. Thayimuddamma, NICU staff nurse. Dr. Pushpalatha had trained the forum in “Syringing technique” and Dr. Mallikarjuna H.B, had trained the forum about “Expressed breast feeding- Cup feeding techniques”. The workshop was concluded by felicitating the guest speakers.

On 8th August, A gathering was organized at hospital lobby that was graced by the Medical Superintendent Dr. Praveen, Dr. Adarsh/HOD dept of pediatrics and heads of all the departments and also all teaching and non teaching staff of the hospital, the undergraduate and post graduate students along with a huge general public. Our pediatrics department post graduate students have performed a dance and skit, supporting the need for breast feeding that had received a great applause from the hospital staff and the general public. This was followed Prize distribution for the winners and participants of the various events in the breast feeding week.


CME on Recent Advances In Radiation Oncology

The Department of ENT, Head and Neck Surgery Organized a program on 29/07/2022


Date: 29th JULY 2022

Venue: Kadamba Hall (College Auditorium)

Recent Advances in Radiation Oncology BY Department of ENT, Head and Neck

Department of ENT, Head and Neck surgery had conducted a program on Recent Advances in Radiation Oncology

The guest speakers were: Dr. Vishal Rao, Consultant Head and Neck Oncosurgeon, Dr. Lohith G Reddy, Consultant Radiation Oncologist.

The other dignitaries for the day were HOD of ENT & HNS Dr T M Nagaraj, Dr Srirangaprasad, Dr Girish Hongal, Dean Dr. Sathyamurthy, Principal Dr. Naveen, Medical Superintendent Dr Praveen Kumar , Deputy MS Dr Vivek Gundappa, Vice principal Dr Pravin G U

The programme started with Introduction, welcome speech by HOD sir (Dr T.M.Nagaraj)
Followed by lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries. Dr.T.M.Nagaraj, Dr. Srirangaprasad, Dr Girish, Dr. Sathyamurthy, Dr.Vivek , Dr. Praveen Kumar, Dr. Praveen G, addressed the gathering.

12 pm to 12.30 pm Topic – Building the Cancer Moonshot for India – HCG Cancer

12.3 0pm – 1.00 pm Topic – Recent Advances in Radiation Oncology

No of Delegates attended in person 43 members

Programme was attended by Staff, Postgraduates, Interns of various departments and undergraduate students.

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Dr Shivani Pruthvi_pages-to-jpg-0007

Dr. Shivani Pruthvi – Rally Champion

It is very proud to share with you all that Dr Shivani Pruthvi is a Rally Champion. She is leading the Junior Indian National Rally Championship; she is 4th in Indian national championship 3 category and overall, she is in 10th position, and this is the second round. She is pursuing her Orthopedic Post Graduation at RRMCH.

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