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RGUHS Rank Awardees Certificate – 18th Convocation PG/UG

The management joins hands with all the faculties, staff and students in extending very warm wishes to the Post Graduate students for having scored ranks in the following specialty domains.

Rank Subject Marks Obtained Percentage
Dr Akshay Phatak, Reg. No:12M1951
akshay-pathak 1st MD Psychiatry 460/700 65.71%
Dr Karthik Arigela, Reg. No. – 12ME953
karthik-arigela 5th MD Paediatrics 468/700 66.86%
Dr Chenchi Reddy Malapati, Reg. No. – 12Y0954
chenchy-reddy 7th MS Opthalomology 483/700 69%
Dr Sharika Chandran, Reg. No. – 12YG951
sharika-chandran 10th MS General Surgery 457/700 65.29%

UG Students – 18th Convocation

Our Under Graduates as usually have made us immensely proud by bagging various top positions in the recently held UG University exams. We have a list of achievers who have brought laurels to the institution and their families. We again wish them a great success and join our hands in applauding the faculties and management for their commitment and effort.

Rank Subject Marks Obtained Percentage
Dr. Sanjana N, Reg. No. – 10M3169
RGUHS Over all Topper in MBBS Phase-III, Part-I, Rank – 2nd, (709/900 , 78.78%)
sanjana-n 4th Biochemistry 169/200 84.50% MBBS Phase I
5th Pathology 322/400 80.50% MBBS Phase II
4th Community Medicine 315/400 78.75% MBBS Phase III, Part 1
Dr Swarna H, Reg. No. – 10M3188
RGUHS Over all Topper in MBBS Phase-III, Part-I, Rank – 3rd , (708/900 , 78.67%)
swarna-h 2nd Otorhinolarygology 211/250 84.40% MBBS Phase III, Part-1
5th Community Medicine 310/400 77.50% MBBS Phase III, Part 1
Dr Ashwini A Kundar, Reg. No. – 10M3114
RGUHS Over all Topper in MBBS Phase-III, Part-I, Rank – 8th , (697/900 , 77.44%)
ashwini-kunder 6th Community Medicine 309/400 77.25% MBBS Phase-III, Part-1
5th Otorhinolorygology 208/250 83.20% MBBS Phase-III, Part-1
Dr Kruthika S, Reg. No. – 10M3136
kruthika-s 8th Otorhinolorygology 203/250 81.20% MBBS Phase-III, Part-1
Dr Chaitrashree N, Reg. No. – 10M3120
chitrashree-n 9th Otorhinolorygology 201/250 80.40% MBBS Phase-III, Part-1