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  • 14
  • Nov'16

World Diabetes day at RRMCH

Department of General Medicine & Endocrinology conducted a lecture on Recent Advances in Diabetes on 14/Nov/2016.

Dr.Mohan K Rao (Endocrinologist) spoke on the recent advances in the management of diabetes.

IDF atlas estimates the 415 million adult are living with diabetes in 2015, at current rate this is likely increase to 642 millions by 2040. India continues to remain 2nd largest country with 69.2 million diabetics.

Traditionally DM was set to have been due to insulin deficiency or its action but off late along with life style changes, exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals like Air pollutants/ BPA/ pesticides/Phthalates etc., have been known to affect Beta cells secretion & insulin resistance as well.

Recently the gut micro biota system is set to have been involved in energy homeostasis & inflammation & its role in the pathogenesis of obesity & diabetes are increasingly being recognized, animal models of obesity connects the altered micro biota composition in the development of obesity / insulin resistance through several mechanisms.

New oral anti diabetic drugs like newer GLP1, gliptins, SGLT2 inhibitors & newer combition of drugs appear to be promising in the management of diabetes.

Improved insulin pumps & artificial pancreas technology (bionic pancreas) as well as agents to assist islet – cell transplant procedure, and stem cell therapy continue to offer attractive therapeutic options.

Lastly Smartphone based glucose monitors, new free style libre pro flash continuous glucose monitors using Smartphone apps effectively helping in the management of diabetes & improved glycemic control. Non invasive monitors of blood glucose like tear blood glucose using contact lens sensor under co development by Google & Novartis & also a novel infrared technology to monitor the blood sugar without pricking is under development by an Indian company as a part of make in India initiative program. So future for the diagnosis & management of diabetes & its complications appears to be very promising.