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  • Publication of Hema D

    Study of live profile in Dengue fever surendra HS, Hema D,Earth Journals volume 4, Issue , 2015.

    Department : Paediatrics
  • Publication of Dr.Rajesh Beejuvalli Murugesh

    Routine placement of drain in thyroid surgery, is there any scientific basis.

    Department : Surgical Gastroenterology
  • Publication of Dr.Bharath S

    A Randomized control study to assess the efficiency of platelet rich plasma and local corticosteroid Injection in treatment of chronic planter fasciitis.

    Department : Orthopaedics
  • Publication of Dr.Ankith Naduvanahalli Vivekananda Swamy

    A Technical case report on Tubular retractors for arterior cervical spine surgery – European spine journal Factors affecting urological deficit and recovery in lumbar dise rumination – Anamative veisen International Orthopaedics Nov’2019 Functional and Radiological outcomes in management of thonaco lumbar fractures without renological deficit – International journal of Orthopaedics mamotology and surgical sciences may’16 … Continue reading Publication of Dr.Ankith Naduvanahalli Vivekananda Swamy

    Department : Orthopaedics
  • Publication of Dr Sowmya M. S.

    Study of Post netel depression in relation to node of delivery Journal of Evolution of Medical Scenes and Dental Scenes 2014; volume 3 : Issue 57. Prospective study to evaluate vaginal insertion and intra caesarean insertion of Post partum interactive contraceptive device. JOGI, December 2014. Outcome of Germ cell tumors of overy treated with adjuvant … Continue reading Publication of Dr Sowmya M. S.

    Department : OBG
  • Publication of Dr. Sandeep K. M.

    Clinical & Functional outcome in Proximal Femoral Fractures (International Journal of Orthopetdics)

    Department : Orthopaedics
  • Publication of Dr. N. Tejaswini

    Study of Association between Serum Vitamin D and TSH Levels in Postmenopausal Women.

    Department : General Medicine
  • Publication of Dr Montey Naruka

    Insulin Resistance in PCDS in international Journal of Biochemistry Research & Review.

    Department : Biochemistry
  • Publication of Dr Kaknale Harish Kumar

    Slinding inguinal hernia in elderly female with ovary as its contest – a case report (AJCCR volumes 2011).

    Department : General Surgery
  • Publication of Dr. Pramod Kumar M.

    Surgical Treatment of Malunitod Colles Fracture by corrective Osteotomy Functional Evaluation of Homi-arthroplasty in Neglected Fracture Neck of Femur in young Adults.

    Department : Orthopaedics