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  • Publication of Dr. Geethashree C.H

    Original Article – A study of maternal risk factors associated with early onset neonatal sepsis at tertiary health care centre.

    Department : OBG
  • Publication of Dr. Bharath B

    Experience of Management of Phyllodes tumor of breast at a Teebay Care Hospital – a peospature study. The non teamster acute abdomen and its clinical spectrum

    Department : General Surgery
  • Publication of Dr. Sowjanya G.T

    Study of factors contributing for IDA in infants and young children. H-Syndrome : A rare care in homozygous mutation in SLC29A3 gene – IJPP

    Department : Paediatrics
  • Publication of Dr R Suraj

    Endotracreal tube size estimation using ultrasonography in pediatric patients.

    Department : Anaesthesiology
  • Publication of Dr. Jyoti Petkar

    Egyptian Journal of Anesthesia 33(2017)25-7.261 Bediv, petkar Jyoti, etal. A comparison of General and spinal Anesthesia fee elective lower lumbae spine surgeries in lateral position; petkar Jyoti Prakash Audichya; Indian journal of Anesthesia and Aralgeaia. 2018;5 (3): 382-389. Comparing IV clonidene v/s IV Dexmedatomidine on preoperative hemodynamies in patients undergoing lower lumbar spine elergies,; … Continue reading Publication of Dr. Jyoti Petkar

    Department : Anaesthesiology
  • Publication of Dr. Aishwarya Subramanian

    International Journal of Medical and Applied Sciences 2013; Volume 2 issue 4:113-118 J MEDS 10.5005/JP Journals – 10045 – 0087. (2018) Int.J Community Med Public Health 2019;6:2570-3.

    Department : Community Medicine
  • Publication of Dr. Hemanth Kumar S. R.

    Prevalence of asymptomatic Emily abnormalities among students of a university – A cross sectional study – Medpubc international journal of Medicine.201-8; 7(3):93-97 Prevalence of Delilium in elderly ICU patterns of a tertiary care medical college hospital – International Journal of Advances in Medicine. 2019 Oct: 6 (S): 1504 – 1507

    Department : General Medicine
  • Publication of Dr. K.M. Suresh

    Retrospective study to compare SICS with PHACO Jan 2016 JMSCR CCC is mandatory for Phaco Feb.2016 JMSCR Clinical and Histo Patho logical study of orbitaltumass March 2016 JMSCR Comparison of 2 LASIIC Work Stations MaxL 2016 JMSCR.

    Department : Ophthalmology
  • Publication of M. R. Viswas

    Evaluation of post-operative pain relief with intra peritoneal instillation of 0.5 %. Bupivacaine with adgenaline and placento on laparoscopic cholecystetomy.

    Department : General Surgery
  • Publication of Mr. Mukesh Kumar

    JPBMS, 2011, 9(o2) ISSN no. – 2230 – 7885 Author a book “BIOCHEMISTRY SIMPLIFIED – A preparatory manual”, ISBN: 978-81-8191-467-5.

    Department : Biochemistry