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  • Publications of Dr.Venugopal Ram Rao

    A rare disappearing right atrial mass, Interactive cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, 15(2012):290-91 Primary cardiac sarcoma presenting as shock, Indian journal of Cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, :25:31-33,2009 Acute severe mitral regurgitation Following Balloon Mitral Volvotomy: Echocardiographic features, operative findings, and outcomes in 50 surgical cases: Catheterization and cardiovascular interventions: 2012: Published Online. Anaesthetic management of closed … Continue reading Publications of Dr.Venugopal Ram Rao

    Department : Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery
  • Publications of Dr Radhika. M

    HPV awareness among medical students.

    Department : OBG
  • Publications of Dr. Avinash Koraddi

    Rapidly progressive dementia with Seizeres: a post dengue complication – a case report – SA 4E Journal.

    Department : General Medicine
  • Publications of Dr. Ponnathota Vindhya

    – Signifier of Serum pleural effusion albumin gradient in differentiating transudative & Emulative pleural effusion in comparison of lights criteria. – Evaluation of efficacy and utility of spirometry data in elderly individuals with or without lung diseases. – Predictions of morbidity & mortality in acute exacerbation in COPD – A study in a tertiary unit. … Continue reading Publications of Dr. Ponnathota Vindhya

    Department : Respiratory Medicine
  • Publications of Dr.Sri Nayana Kolli

    – Correlation of Thyroid Disorders with Abnormal Uterine bleeding – Published in JEMDS – Role of Laparoscope in Diagnosis of Chronic pelvic pain – published in JDMIMS. – A rare case of Adult Granulose cell Lebnour priority as huge Abdominal mass – Accepted for publications.

    Department : OBG
  • Publications of Dr.Sindhusri Chekuri

    Study of Hysterectomy cases in Tertiary Care Centre

    Department : OBG
  • Publications of Dr.Srinivas Mahesh Prasad

    : Refampices Induced Pigiest Nephropathy. A rare case report. Doi-10.35248/24 72 – 1220.20.6.178.

    Department : Nephrology
  • Publications of Dr Akshatha H

    Subcutaneous lips v/s Coetaneous lips in the Management of Chronic Anal Fissure.

    Department : General Surgery
  • Publications of Dr. Mahanth H.M

    Evaluation of Depilating Clearer v/s Razor technique in Preoperative hair removal, and efforts on surgical site infection.

    Department : General Surgery
  • Publications of Dr. Ameet Kumar M. Oswal

    “Hypothyroidism as independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease” – JEMDS.

    Department : Cardiology