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  • Publication of Dr. Humera Nazish

    In international Journal of clinical obstetrics and Gynecology. A study of maternal and fetal outcome in pregnancy beyond 40 weeks of Gestation

    Department : OBG
  • Publication of Dr. Priyashree R

    Clinical Profile and Risk stratification in MDRTB – JMSR ABG and dys electrolytemia in acute exacerbation of COPD – JSMR Occurrence of OI in HIV patients with respect to CDY count –m JEMDS Study of Lipid profile in non diabetic stroke in young – SJAMS

    Department : Nephrology
  • Publication of Dr. Priyadarshini R

    Incidence of vitamin B12 deficiency in patients with Hypothyroidism in JEBMH.

    Department : General Medicine
  • Publication of Dr.Anil.J

    Comparative study of bone marrow dot section with B M Aspiration smears in various Hematological condition. Study of Cytological pattern of cervical PAP smear by application of bethosda system in a tertiary care centre. Spectrum of male serest lesion – A cytological review.

    Department : Pathology
  • Publication of Dr Padma Deepika. M

    Organ phosphorous poisoning induced parkinsonism – an uncommon manifestation of a common poison.

    Department : General Medicine
  • Publication of Dr Sindhu. K. S.

    Morphometry of Hipjoint – Study in age and Gender based in South Indian Population.

    Department : Anatomy
  • Publication of Dr. Putchakayala Jahnavi

    IJRCOG – Knowledge Attitude and Practice. Regarding emergency contraception. Case Report: A rare case of urosepsis in pregnancy.

    Department : OBG
  • Publication of Dr Shwetha M. S.

    Paper on “Prevalence of Hyronatremia in adults with ‘pulmonary tuberculosis’ in Indian Journal of Immunology & Respiratory Medicine.

  • Publications of Dr.Venugopal Ram Rao

    A rare disappearing right atrial mass, Interactive cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, 15(2012):290-91 Primary cardiac sarcoma presenting as shock, Indian journal of Cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, :25:31-33,2009 Acute severe mitral regurgitation Following Balloon Mitral Volvotomy: Echocardiographic features, operative findings, and outcomes in 50 surgical cases: Catheterization and cardiovascular interventions: 2012: Published Online. Anaesthetic management of closed … Continue reading Publications of Dr.Venugopal Ram Rao

    Department : Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery
  • Publications of Dr Radhika. M

    HPV awareness among medical students.

    Department : OBG