Recognized by National Medical Commission (NMC) & Govt. of India and constituent college of Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute

Dermato Surgery, Department of DVL

Courses Offered

Dermato Surgery, Department of DVL

Duration :MD/ DVD Recognized by MCI

Course @ a Glance

One year of fellowship in Dermatosurgery gives training in Basic Dermatosurgery. Dermatosurgery includes performing mole surgeries, keloid surgeries, cyst, lipoma and other excision surgeries, radio surgery and cryosurgery. Vitiligo surgeries like mini punch grafting, epidermal cell suspension and suction blister grafting. Nail surgeries (complete/ partial nail avulsion, biopsy). Acne scar revision surgeries (excision and grafting/ subcision) and Hair transplantation (Follicular unit extraction).

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