Mission / Vision / Motto


We endeavor in the development of an outstanding institution in the field of Medical, Dental, Engineering, Management, Paramedical and other emerging technologies with highly developed educational infrastructure, exceptional and dedicated faculty to provide a state-of-art in teaching and learning process and to effectively harness the human intellectual assets to create a better and healthy world.
Our students are given proper assistance to enable them gain the knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary to recover, build and maintain health as well as balance lifestyles.


We provide quality medical education that empowers students to explore new horizons in the medical sector and contribute generously to create a healthy India. Our main aim is to identify and enhance the potential of the students through comprehensive academic programs of international quality.

Our Endeavour

• Continuous Pursuit of excellence
• Acquiring the state of the art-know how
• Imbibing excellent in-the-job skills
• Stimulation of open and positive minds
• Making Universal ethical values at work ethics
• Keep the learning curve upwards


Availability of medical facilities is of utmost importance. We aim to serve the healthcare needs to the medically unreached populations. Through this we provide quality medical, paramedical, nursing and allied healthcare education, excellent and compassionate hospital services with state of the art facilities as well as to carry out health research for the betterment of the humankind in tune with the holistic values of the institution.