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  • Publication of Dr. T.Manaswini

    Indian Journal of Surgery – August 2022. A clinical study on neck surgeries under superficial cervical plexus block as an alternative to General anesthesia in high risk cases. Journals of Clinical and Diagnostic Research – February 2016. Accuracy of Needle placement into intra-articular space of the knee in Osteoarthritis patients for visco supplementation.

    Department : General Surgery
  • Publication of Dr. Chimata Nikhila

    Pheochromocytoma – A case report on Surgical HTN

    Department : General Medicine
  • Publication of Dr. Pragna H.C

    4 case report in journal of world neurosurgery about a rare case of a neuro-enteric cyst masquerading as acute flaccid paralysis in 2 month old infant.

    Department : Paediatrics
  • Publication of Dr.Shruthi. S

    An interesting case of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm in Chronic Kidney Disease

    Department : General Medicine
  • Publication of Dr.Srigouri Sitharam

    SEAJCRR – Feb 2022, Maternal & Prenatal outcome in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy in tertiary care rural hospital.

    Department : OBG
  • Publication of Dr.Lavanya. R

    Neutrophil & Lymphocyte in various stages of Cancerous breast – IJSS Role of Neutrophil & Lymphocyte ratio in predicting lymphovascular invarion in Cancerous breast – IJSS

    Department : General Surgery
  • Publication of Dr.Manish S

    Role of Creative protein in predicting the outcome of acute Pancreatitis Aanalysis of various Thyroid disorders presenting to a tertiary care hospital & evaluation of accuracy of pre-operative UCG finding, FNAC with post operative HPE.

    Department : General Surgery
  • Publication of Dr. Chetan. V

    Platelet count to spleen diameter ratio as a prediction of esophageal varies – is it accurate and simple. JemdSC (Journal of Evolution in medical and dental sciences).

    Department : General Medicine
  • Publication of Dr. Shwetha M. K

    Evaluation of platelet count / spleen diameter ratio for detection of esophageal varies in patients with cirrhosis of liver. A cross sectional study International Journal of Advances in Medicine.

    Department : General Medicine
  • Publication of Dr Chaithra T. K.

    Role of Ultrasound Elastography in Evaluation of Focal Liver lesions IJCMSR IOSR Journal.

    Department : Radio Diagnosis