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  • Publication of Mr. Mukesh Kumar

    JPBMS, 2011, 9(o2) ISSN no. – 2230 – 7885 Author a book “BIOCHEMISTRY SIMPLIFIED – A preparatory manual”, ISBN: 978-81-8191-467-5.

    Department : Biochemistry
  • Publication of Dr Chaithra. R

    Study of correlation between duration of KMC & weight gain/day in LBW babies. A correlation of S.CPK & S. cholinesterase level in OP poisoning Children.

    Department : Paediatrics
  • Publication of Dr. Vidhyavathi

    Rapid, illegible handwriting as a symptom of obsessive – compulsive disorder, Ind.J. Psychiatry 2014:56(2): 200-201 A case report of clozapani induced neuteopenia & rechanllege J.Neuropsychiatry clin Neurosci 2015; 27(1):e61 Negative symptoms and quality of life in schizophxnia (Accepted by Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Research)

    Department : Psychiatry
  • Publication of Dr. Amulya B

    A case of Postpartum Psychosis in male

    Department : Psychiatry
  • Publication of Dr. Nyapu Soki

    “MRI Evaluation of internal derangement of knee” published in JEBMH.

    Department : Radio Diagnosis
  • Publication of Dr. M.S Prakash

    Editor of Chief Medical Clinics of Command Hospital, Air Force, Bangalore- Vol I,II & III.

    Department : Nephrology
  • Publication of Dr. Veena A.

    A case report on Role of permanent Sigmoidostomy in Fournier Gangrene in International journal of Applied Research 2017;3(1):195-197. Isolated segmental Mega-diverticulitis of Ileum- A rare presentation of Acute Intestinal Obstruction. International Journal 2017 jun:4(6):2098-2100.

    Department : General Surgery
  • Publication of Dr. Ranjith Nellore Mahesh

    A rare case of pissiform dislocation fixed with ‘k’ ecuries.

    Department : Orthopaedics
  • Publication of Dr. Samarth M

    Clinical profile & treatment outcome of MDR – TB in a tertiary Health Centtre.

    Department : General Medicine
  • Publication of Dr. Shilpa

    Drug susceptibity Pattern of Aerobic bacterial isolates pulmonary infection in HIV Seropositives & their correlation with CD4 count IOSR journal of Dental & Medical Sciences 2014 mar:13:37-41. Drug resistant pattern of Vibrio Cholera isolated from acute diarrheal disease outbreak :Am. J . Pharm Health Res 2014:2(4):182-188. Linezolid Resistance in isolated of methicillin Resistance Staphyloco cci … Continue reading Publication of Dr. Shilpa

    Department : Microbiology