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News and Events

News and Events

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The Countdown begins!

It’s time to shut your Laptops and close all your books and put on your sports & Cultural hats on. The ever expected Medical sports & Cultural fest ‘CARPEDIEM’ starts from 3rd of April 2017 till 10th April 2017 at our college.

The inaugural function is on 3rd April 2017 at the cricket ground of RRMCH at 9:30 am.

All are cordially invited.

CARPEDIEM 2017 Cultural Schedule

The Inaugural photos of the sports events.

The events on 6th April 2017 –
English J.A.M, Kannada J.A.M, Movie Dub, Mad Ads, Anstakshari(Kannada), Cooking without fire and Treasure Hunt.

Sports event.


Events First Second Third
English JAM Tasmia (Legionaries) Priyadarshini (Legionaries) Saad (Alphas)
Kannada JAM Hitesh (Titans) Dr.Shashank (PG+Interns) Nagesh (Alphas)
Movie dub Anmol & team (Auroras) Dr. Sanjana & team (PG+Interns) Abhijit & team (Legionaries)
Mad ads Manish & team (Alphas)
Antakshari (Kannada) Purvika & team (Auroras) Nagesh and team (Alphas) Suma & team (Legionaries)
Cooking without fire Navya & team (Auroras) Neha & team (Panthers) Chaitra & team (Legionaries)
Collage Brinda & team (Legionaries) Omar & team (Alphas) Meenakshi & team (Legionaries)
Treasure hunt Nitin & team (Legionaries) Sagar & team (Alphas)
Dum Charades Dr.Vandana & team (PG+Interns) Rohit + team (Auroras)
Solo Singing Classical Meghana (Alphas) Priyadarshini (Legionaries) Abhijit (Legionaries)
Solo Singing Non-classical (Indian) Priyadarshini (Legionaries) Lakshmi Priya (Legionaries)
Solo Singing Non-classical (Western) Priyadarshini (Legionaries) Lakshmi Priya (Legionaries)
Instumental PG+Interns Panthers PG+Interns
Short film Sudhir & team (Panthers) Abhijit & team (Legionaries) Saad & team (Alphas)
Solo dance Classical Anusha (Auroras) Triveni (Panthers)
Solo dance Non-classical Auroras Panthers PG+Interns
Antakshari Hindi Charuvi & team (Legionaries) PG+Interns Auroras
Face painting Omar (Alphas) Meenakashi (Legionaries) Harish (Panthers)
Mehendi Tasmia (Legionaries) Shruthi (Panthers) Sadiya (Legionaries)
Cartooning Meenakshi (Legionaries) Bikram (Legionaries)
Poetry Kannada Dr.Vishwas (PG+Interns) Bharat (Legionaries) & Hitesh (Titans)
Essay Writing Kannada Prakash (Auroras) Dr.Vishwas (PG+Interns) Manju (Legionaries)
English quiz Manish & team (Alphas) Dr.Rajiv & team (PG+Inerns) Dore raj & team (Alphas)
Debate Saad & team (Alphas) Vishnu & team (Legionaries) Ananya & team (Panthers)
Kannada Quiz Hitesh & team (Titans) Pradeep & team (Legionaries) Suma & team (Legionaries)
Rock band Abhijit & team (Leginaries) Auroras Panthers
Dance (duet) Alphas Auroras
Dance (Group) Alphas Lekha & team (Legionaries)
Poetry English Tasmia (Legionaries) Dr.Shruti (PG+Interns) Lvanya (Auroras)
Essay Writing English Nikhil Ram (Panthers) Suma (Legionaries) Tasmia (Legionaries)
Sketching Rohini (Panthers) Meenakshi (Legionaries) Charuvi (Legionaries)
Fashion show Misba & team (Legionaries) Auroras & Panthers Saad & team (Alphas)
Photography Rohit (Panters) Lokesh ( Alphas)