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News and Events

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World Breastfeeding Week Observation Awareness Program

A Program regarding Breastfeeding was conducted in Channasandra UHC, for mothers on 02/08/2018, as a part of WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK. The department of Community Medicine RRMCH organized this event and the faculty, Dr. SHASHIKALA (HOD & Prof) Dr. SWAPNA & Dr. SHYAM, (Associate Professors) Dr. VIDUSHA (Assistant Professor) of Community Medicine department RRMCH were present for the event. Undergraduate students posted in Community Medicine were also present for the event.

Mothers from the nearby area were gathered for this event which was organized to create awareness among them regarding the importance of Breastfeeding and to access their knowledge in this matter.
The objective of the program was to educate the mothers regarding

1. The importance of exclusive Breastfeeding
2. Advantages of the Breastfeeding to the mother and baby.
3. Myths regarding prelactal feeds and colustrum
4. The timing of complementary feeds

Initially the program started with an introductory speech from Mr. Ramesh (MSW). Later Dr.Shashikala (HOD & Prof) welcomed gathering and spoke a few words about the importance of Breastfeeding followed by which the interns posted in Community Medicine department performed a role play for the mothers regarding advantages of exclusive Breastfeeding and the hazards associated with not Breast feeding the baby exclusively. The role play also included a short talk on advantages of Breastfeeding to the mother and baby.

The role play was performed by Dr. Akhila, Dr. Arundhati, Dr. Vishnupriya, Dr. Akshatha, Dr. Amal, Dr. Srinidhi, Dr. Sheen Lal and Dr. Yamuna.
Followed by the role play the Postgraduates in the department addressed the mothers.

Dr. Naziya introduced the topic, Dr. Akshatha spoke about complementary feeds and Dr. Kritika about prelacteal feeds.

After this talk , Dr. Swapna (Associate Professor) hosted a question and answer session with the mothers to clear their doubts associated with breastfeeding .The mothers participated actively in the session and questions were raised regarding exclusive Breastfeeding , importance of Colostrum, timing of breastfeeding after normal delivery and c- section , about the timing of complimentary feeds. Sixty mothers attended the program and gained information regarding Breastfeeding and cleared their doubts.
Refreshments like Coffee and Biscuits were served to the mothers during the session and at the end Dr. Shashikala, Dr. Shyam, Dr. Swapna distributed gifts in the form of bags as a token of appreciation .The entire programme was very informative to the mothers.

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